history_long3aIn February of 2002, Pastor John Dooley cast a vision to a group of pastors in the Hampton Roads Area challenging them to put aside any thoughts of working alone and join together as one Body serving our Lord. Twenty pastors responded to the call and began doing just that. This vision was affirmed when a vital forerunner of Heart of Compassion Partnerships, Hampton Roads United Christians, contacted Pastor Dooley and stated that they felt their time had come to an end and offered to turn over their 501(c)(3) to Heart of Compassion Partnerships. Pastor Dooley gratefully accepted this incredible gift which allowed Heart of Compassion Partnerships to establish itself and grow.

Heart of Compassion Partnerships derives its name from the Colossians 3:12 passage in Scripture that states, “put on a heart of compassion…” This is indeed the operational focus of Heart of Compassion Partnerships, as people of faith from across many spectrums have come together to serve the poor in our community. From tutoring children, to equipping adults and families, to doing house repairs and yard work for the working poor and the elderly, Heart of Compassion Partnerships is now impacting the community through strategic partnerships with churches, civic groups, the police, and local governments in ways that have won national recognition by the Neighborhood USA group.