Prayer for Our Nation Day 28

Peace be within your walls and security within your towers! Psalms 122:7

Father God, as we look to a new calendar year, I humbly ask for Your peace within our boarders and between our allies and friends. I prayer for a sense of security to prevail among our citizens as they come to trust You more and more. I prayer for vigilance for those in our military who stand the watch over the security of this nation. May our troops feel the appreciation of a grateful nation and the strength of the Holy Spirit as they go about their task. May they not know loneliness this night, they or their families. Instead, may they sense a closeness with friends and family as they grow closer to You. Thank You Lord for the incredible provision of 2015, and we are bold to ask for all that we need and all that You have for us in 2016. Thank You oh Lord that a day is coming when the calendar will be no more, and that in that timeless place there will be joy evermore. We love and praise You dear Lord. You were Lord over 2015, You are Lord over 2016, and You are Lord over eternity. Glory to Your Name!! In Jesus name, Amen.